The Update Page

19 May 2014
Created Twinn page, and added in their pics, but no stories yet. Also cropped index page and added giant blog button. Fixed up links at Musings and added Sai Wan and Cems page to blog. Also added cargo ship gallery to blog, although once a gallery is created it is verby, you cant edit or add to it as far as I can see. Wordpress changed a few things and it has caused heap big pooh.

03 April 2014
Not much going on anywhere, moving house soon so webpage is on back burner. However, did correct Mendi ROH.

09 February 2014
Completed creation of table with memorial and extinct memorials at the new Blog.

28 January 2014
Some items removed from Inside and 2 links changed to reflect their new blog pages. Still working on the graves and memorials page. So many to do.

21 January 2014
Updated Updates page.
By now a number of people may have noticed that I have not being doing regular updates to the website. It is true, I have not been working here as I am in the process of relocating parts of the website to a blog platform. I already have a blog at Blogspot which I tend to work on more regularly, and experimented with moving the website to there, and while it is much easier to do, I am loath to loose my domain and the legacy of this spot to a 3rd party provider. I have since messed around with the wordpress facility at my webhost and have managed to get it to work, albeit not quite how I want it, but as a start. There are many issues with the blog though, not all are insurmountable, but some just leave me going "huh?" Since this weekend I have started redoing articles, mostly from the memorials and cemetery pages. Each article has to be redone manually, and each pic resized and reposted. It is a long and tiresome process, made even worse by the amount of spare time I have. But, I am getting there, probably in 3 months most of this website will no longer exist in this format. So,adjust your bookmarks as follows:
The blog lives at:, on that page you will find a sidebar where the relevant menu pages will live. The one that is the most active so far is the Memorials and Monuments page. It is probable that I will create a static front page similar to the index.htm page that currently exists here.
Comments at the blog have been turned off, as I have had the first idiot trying to spam me with crappy shoes and trainers, and I really hate spammers. So.... watch this space, or a space, or space.

01 December 2013
Added Romsey War Memorial, added crew members of Mendi to Mendi ROH, as well as a link to the offcial report

25 November 2013
Added 3 new train pics to Elsewhere, updated Southampton Shipwatch with latest sightings,

10 September 2013
Added Saga Ruby to Southampton Shipwatch as well as Cruiseship pics.

29 September 2013
Added IMO Seafarers Memorial, updated images on Southampton Shipwatch

13 September 2013
Added temporarySalisbury war memorial page.

30 August 2013
Added Bassett War Memorial

25 August 2013
Added 2 new ships to Southampton Shipwatch

19 August 2013
Added 6 new pics from the Watercress Line into Trains Elsewhere

17 August 2013
Added Alton War Memorial. Completed 4 blogposts about The Watercress Line, added new entry into shipwrecks, and updated Oldest Ships page

15 August 2013
Added Silver Cloud to Southampton Shipwatch

07 August 2013
Added Parish of Hound and Hamble Paris Cemetery War Memorials

03 August 2013
Added 3 new ships to Southampton Shipwatch

02 August 2013
Added two pilot boats to pilotboat page, as well as edited text and tables.
31 July 2013
Added Southampton Falklands War Memorials and split them from London Falklands War Memorial page

30 July 2013
Added Orem Veterans Memorial, and 2 ships to Southampton Shipwatch

27 July 2013
Added two war memorials from Winchester Cathedral added 3 new pics to trains elsewhere

20 July 2013
Added another Titanic related grave to Titanic Graves. Added 3 more ships to Southampton Shipwatch and shuffled them around again

19 July 2013
Added 3 more ships to Southampton Shipwatch and shuffled them around again

15 July 2013
Added West End War Memorial to Cems, added Millvina Dean Memorial Garden to Titanic Main Page

14 July 2013
Added Sir Srthur Rostron grave to Titanic Graves, added new image to Southampton Shipwatch

11 July 2013
Added Southampton in the Second World War Plaque, did some work redoing the tug pages and making them more uniform at menu level.

10 July 2013
Added new Downed Rhodesian Viscounts memorial

09 July 2013
Added 2 new pics to Southampton Shipwatch, crosslinked to Misc Tugs. Changed status of Germiston and Districts WM to extinct.

08 July 2013
Added Koevoet Memorial to Cems, added 2 new pics to Southampton Shipwatch

04 July
Prelim work of the Titanic burials in Southampton page are done, Still to add in some unknowns, and grave reference numbers

31 June 2013
Added Titanic Musicians Plaque in St Mary's Church to Cems and Titanic Main page

22 June 2013
Commenced work on the wide ship gallery, added Burley WM to Cems.

21 June 2013
Added Nautica to Southampton Shipwatch, also added a few new pics to some of the cruiseship pages, replaced POTM image on Inside added 3 new pics to trains elsewhere

20 June 2013
Added Weymouth War Memorial and Weymouth Anzac Memorial

18 June 2013
added new ships to Southampton Shipwatch

16 June 2013
added new ships to Southampton Shipwatch

15 June 2013
added new ships to Southampton Shipwatch, started blogpost on Crystal Symphony.

14 June 2013
Was able to expand some iD's in my preserved military equipment page thanks to Michel van Loon and Afregister

12 June 2013
Added new page on Marina, linked into usual places. Created new blogpost for Marina

11 June 2013
Edited images in Aegean Dolphin Bio, added new images to Southampton Shipwatch

10 July 2013
Started new Shipwatch for Azamara Quest, added new pics of Oriana interiors and created folder for her images, move pics into folder and changed anchors. Added new pics to Southampton Shipwatch

07 June 2013
Added new page on Royal Princess as well as Blogpost about her wet arrival, added 2 new images to Southampton Shipwatch and changed images in Ventura

06 June 2013
Added 2 pages of pics for Southampton Old Cem and linked it to Cems

04 June 2013
Added Cemeteries from the UK into the Cems page with links to the blog post for each one

03 June 2013
Added Seven Seas Voyager to Southampton Shipwatch as well as two box boats. Also new blog post on Challenge and Seven Seas Voyager, added page on Netley Military Cemetery, dead external links removed from Cems

28 May 2013
Edited Oceanos Picture page, added in a new pics and moved to a different folder.

26 May 2013
added MSC Opera and a few others to Southampton Shipwatch, new blog post on Netley Abbey and updated MSC Opera Blogpost

22 May 2013
Added 3 more images to Trains elsewhere, added page on Hythe Pier Train, added 2 new images to Southampton Shipwatch, added new POTM (hooray) to inside

19 May 2013
Added page on Bill Targett Steam Fair

18 May 2013
Updated Mendi wreck page to include a map and images of Portsmouth Milton, changed HK Maritime page to blend with Shipwatch themes that have been introduced, also created page for Mendi Graves in Portsmouth

17 May 2013
Added Silver Whisper to Southampton Shipwatch, also re-arranged that page. Updated Cruiseship pics, added and changed content in London Shipwatch page, not finished with it yet, fixed a whole wodge of meta tag errors in shipbio, added some new pics to trains elsewhere

16 May 2013
Added Europa 2 and Grand Mistral to Southampton Shipwatch, as well as 2 others. Updated Cruiseship pics, replaced images of Queen Victoria with better ones.

14 May 2013
added Caribbean Princess to pages, as well as some additional vessels to Southampton Shipwatch

13 May 2013
Added Portsmouth War Memorial, added new blogpost for Caribbean Princess

10 May 2013
Added Titanic Memorial Table to Titanic main page

09 May 2013
Added 10 VC graves from Portsmouth. Added new 2 page blog post about Soton Maritime Festival, added new Titanic Memorial

06 May 2013
Added Adventure of the Seas to Shipwatch and Cruiseshippics

04 May 2013
Added new Portsmouth Shipwatch page, shuffled inside around and added new POTM. Updated Southampton Shipwatch page, as well as Cruiseshippics renamed the old Maritime London page to bring it more in line with my Shipwatch series. Now called London Shipwatch, created HMS President image page, created HQS Wellington page, created TS Queen Mary page. Split Falklands War Memorial from Tower Hill Page

29 April 2013
Added Norwegian Breakaway to Cruiseshippics and Southampton Shipwatch, also added blog post to cover her arrival. Populated the shipwatch page with more pics. Added Portsmouth and Poole tugs to Misctugs

27 April 2013
Added sailings from 26 April to cruiseshippics, added blog posts accordingly. Black Watch, Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2, AIDAstella. Added new page called Southampton Shipwatch for all my shipwatching in Soton, Balmoral link is not done as yet

25 April 2013
Added 3 new cruiseship pics, added blog entries on Mein Schiff I and Aurora

24 April 2013
Added new Southampton Tugs, added in Southampton Cenotaph

22 April 2013
Added new Southampton Tugs

20 April 2013
Added new page on the London Underground, added new blog post on Independence of the Seas, add new image to cruiseshippics

19 April 2013
Added preliminary page for Portsmouth Naval Memorial

18 April 2013
New POTM and added in missing Arcadia blog entry

17 April 2013
Added Adonia to Cruiseshippics, added new blog posts on Adonia, Azura

15 April 2013
Updated Misc Tugs page again. Added two more cruise ships to Cruiseshippics, also shuffled images around between the 2 pages and corrected some errors.

11 April 2013
Added new cruise ship to Cruiseshippics, and replaced one image. Added 4 new tugs to misctugs, added Titanic Memorial at Southampton Docks to Cems and Titanic Main page added new page on Titanic Memorial at Holy Rood Church

10 April 2013
Added 4 new tug pics to misctugs, added new cruiseship to Cruiseship pics,added new blog post about Hollybrook.Added webpage for Hollybrook, linked this into existing Mendi page, and added Hollybrook to Cems page

09 April 2013
Added 2 new VC graves from Kensall Green Updated Inside page, added 3 new images to cruiseship pics, fixed old Carnival Miracle page, added Depford WM page, Did some work on the old Titanic Main page and added in some of the Southampon Memorials to it as well as to Cems

06 April 2013
Added new UK VC's from Kensal Green and Brompton

03 April 2013
Added additional VC Grave, new blog post on Abney Park Cemetery Added three memorials in Lewisham Edited Battle of Britain Memorial page and removed RAF eagle from this page. moved files to different folder

30 March 2013
creeated new VC Graves page for graves in the UK

29 March 2013
Added St Saviours Southwark Memorial, Blog posts added include Highgate East and Highgate West, Nunhead Cemetery, St Marys Churchyard in Lewisham and the Bronze Soldiers. Added New South African VC

20 March 2013
Replaced all images in Crimea War Memorial page.

18 March 2012
Added New POTM and Bomber Command Memorial

17 March 2013
added SOE Memorial

12 March 2013
Added Rifle Brigade Memorial, and Women of World War II Memorial, added new POTM

10 March 2013
Added Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

08 March 2013
Arranged Cems page to reflect new London memorials, also split off non London memorials into own section. Added in Cenotaph in London, added Animals in War Memorial

04 March - 08 March 2013
Added new blog posts on Trip to London, Animals in War Memorial, my first London cemetery, War Memorials in Kennington, London Transport Museum

04 March 2013
Added new blog post and replaced image in RAF Memorial Page

18 February 2013
Added Sea View Memorial

06 February 2013
Added new page on Jacobs Siding Concentration camp, updated Merebank Concentration camp, added new Blog Post. Added new page on Battle of Congella, added new pic to Dick King page, linked 2 pages togther. Updated Index of the Twinn stories

04 February 2013
Added Howick Concentration Camp Memorial into the Concentration Camps page

02 February 2013
Added Memorial at Holy Loch Scotland

29 January 2013
Added Memorial at St Muns Church, Kilmun. Added 2 new pics to retrogoodies, also fixed table

26 January 2013
Added new story to armymain

22 January 2013
Added statue of Dick King, added Google Earth co-ordinates to Lone Sailor and Tarves Memorial pages, added new image and co-ordinates to Black Watch ABW memorial page.

19 January 2013
added new memorial to Northern Rhodesians from Zambia Fixed two dead links on Mendi Wreck page

10 January 2013
Added 2 new pics to Misctrains, added 4 new pics to Aircraft gallery

09 January 2013
Added 6 pics to Pretoria Gallery changing dates on pages to reflect 2013

06 December 2012
Added Potch AFB Memorial, and Lone Sailor Memorial

13 November 2012
Added WM at Kirk Hammerton, added 2 Memorials from St Johns College

12 November 2012
Added Bedford Cenotaph, added Black Watch Memorial, added new image to SA Scottish Memorial, added new POTM

11 November 2012
Added Memorial in Tarves, Aberdeenshire. Reclassified Robertville Memorial as extinct.

10 November 2012
Updated info in Refreshment coaches to reflect scrapping of one coach. Added King Edward School Memorial, replaced one image on RAF Memorial.

20 October 2012
Added new pic of SA Mounted Police Memorial in Upington added new blog post on Island Princess

19 October 2012
Added 3 new blockhouses to ABW, added new blog post about QE2 and Canberra, added new page on Springfontein Concentration Camp Memorial, added new blog post on ship vist to Marco Polo (may be doing a series of these, watch this space). Added ABW and Blog buttons to Index., replaced images of FDC's in UC Philately pages

04 October 2012
Added new blogpost about travel by bus

29 September 2012
Added new POTM to inside, reworked HMS Belfast images

28 September 2012
Added image of Plinthed Class 7 at Upington., edited Dynamite Explosion Page and enhanced info on associated map

25 September 2012
Added new pics to JHB Gallery, shuffled some pics around and changed menu slightly

24 September 2012
Added New page on Jeppe Boys HS WM updated image on Caledonia Hill Memorial, added 3 new Panos from Caledonia Hill, fixed broken link in Brakpan GOM and redid images

03 September 2012
Added deckplans to Symphony page

31 August 2012
Added deckplans to Achille Lauro cruise page.

30 August 2012
Added 3 new images and edited Betsy Ross page

14 August 2012
Expanded into new page on Braamfontein Dynamite Explosion Memorial

13 August 2012
Added new gallery on JHB Park Station., added more general pics to JHB gallery

06 August 2012
Replaced some images in the Newton and JHB galleries

16 July 2012
Updated Alwyn Vintcent Page to reflect her arrival in Villiersdorp.

14 July 2012
Images in Delville Wood Pages replaced

03 July 2012
Added new blog posts, updated VC Graves page as well as Vroue Monument page

29 June 2012
Created Sundays River Fallen Heroes Monument page, as well as updated Steytlerville page, added new POTM 28 June 2012
Added page on SA Scottish Memorial in Burgers Park, PTA. Added 3 new pics to PTA Gallery added page on Durban ABW memorial Added new Blog post about Burgers Park

15 June 2012
Added Durban Cenotaph page

14 June 2012
Added new pics to Phantom Pass page, as well as restructured page. Added new pics to misc trains

06 June 2012
Added new page on Steytlerville WM and created new cems folder, added page on South African Jewish War Memorial

04 June 2012
Added page on SAHA Memorial in Pretoria and updated links to other 2 memorials. Added more pics to the Police Memorial page

01 June 2012
Edited pages on Symphony to get a more uniform look and image sizes. Must still do more work here.

31 May 2012
Added Voortrekker Monument in Newlands.

25 May 2012
Made a change to the Gautrain page to reflect their new "no photography" policy.

24 May 2012
Edited meta tags and re-arranged images in both Delville Wood pages. Added new Blog entry about Record Cards.

12 May 2012

Added new pics to Heidelberg Camp Cemetery page. Added Triumvirate Monument in Heidelberg, as well as Blog Entry into this visit

26 Aril 2012
Added new page on Brixton Crematorium

1 April 2012
Added 2 more border war graves

10 ASpril 2012
Added new pics to Muffinland, repaired broken link to Fort gallery on all gallery pages.

16 March 2012
Added 3 panos to new Panoramic Gallery, added gallery pages on Constitutional Hill and The Number 4 Jail, Womens Jail and Fort complex

13 March 2012
Added 2 pics from Vapour Depot into misc trains

10 March 2012
Added HMSAS Parktown memorial.

24 February 2012
Added new border war graves and shuffled images around between pages.

20 February 2012
Created Mendi Atteridgeville Page, edited Mendi Avalon page as well as Mendi main page. New demote for Muffinland

14 February 2012
created new folder for Rand Revolt graves and moved page to there, as well as moved Anzac page to there and redid images for that page. Fixed cross linked entry. Added new Cemetery Panoramic Pics to new page, added panos to Primrose page, Edited Cullinan cem page

08 Feburary 2012
Added PAX memorial.

06 February 2012
Added 2 new pics to Cruiseship pics page, added new POTM, fixed info and typo on PE Concentration camp page, added 2 new border war graves

04 February 2012
Added Port Elizabeth Concentration Camp page

02 February 2012
Rebuilt Jameson Raid Memorials page as well as added new images and information.

01 February 2012
Created new page on Heidelberg Transport Museum

30 January 2012
Added new pic to Car carrier page and tidied it up a bit. Added new page on Burgher graves from the ABW in Heidelberg Kloof Cemetery, added new page on Heidelberg Imperial Plot

28 January 2012
Added new page on Heidelberg Concentration camp cem. Added new page on Heidelberg Cemeteries, added panoramas of Heidelberg to last pano page.

27 January 2012
Added new memorial at HoŽrskool Roodepoort

24 January 2012
Added new VC grave pic.

20 January 2012
added panoramas to Cem Panoramic gallery 6, as well as Panorama Cem

17 January 2012
Added Whippet tank into Plinthed Military Equipment gallery

16 January 2012
Updated Shipwrecks page with Costa Concordia

, added page 2 to Alexandra gallery, added more Troepie Trials

15 January 2012
Updated POTM and added new pic to Cruise Ship Pics

14 January 2012
Created page 1 of Alexandra Gallery

12 January 2011
Created new Cemetery Panoramic page and populated it with pics from Benoni.

11 January 2011
Added Boksburg Cenotaph to extinct memorials. Added new Border War graveadded 1 Rand Revolt Grave

10 January 2012
Added new pics to Plinthed Military Equipment, added 8 Rand Revolt Graves

04 January 2012
Added 2 new pics to JHB Cenotaph page

30 December 2011
Expanded some of Plinthed Military Equipment pages, added new demote to Muffinland

29 December 2011
Added in 9 new pics to Plinthed MIlitary Equipment

26-28 December 2011
Started changing copyright dates. completed cems, abw, borderwargraves, vc graves, cruises, trains, unioncastle and army.

20 December 2011
Added 5 panoramas from Alex and Edenvale to the Cem Panoramic Gallery. New page is needed for this now. Added new page about "Trials of a Troopie"

17 December 2011
Added Locos from Uitenhage Railway Museum to Plinthed and Class 6A page. Added Uitenhage Railway Museum to Trains main page.

15 December 2011
Added Springs War Memorial to the extinct list. Updated some images in Misctugs and Indian Ocean Island shipping

14 December 2011
Created Cosy Corner Wall of Remembrance page, added new Panoramas from Brenthurst and Bakerton/Payneville. 13 December 2011
Added new pics to Plinthed Military Equipment

12 December 2011
Added new POTM to inside

10 December 2011
Added Ouhoutbossie, Manchester Regt Memorial. Updated Merebank CC page.

07 December 2011
Added new Border War Grave, added new cemetery panoramic page (5)

05 December 2011
Resized and replaced images in various pages.

03 December 2011
Corrected information on grave in Maraisburg Cem

02 December 2011
Updated Kingston Frost Memorial as well as the extinct Irish Brigades Memorial, added new pic to Rand Revolt Memorials, edited Westdene Bus Disaster pages

30 November 2011
Updated Blog with St Johns College Entry, added 2 panoramas to Panoramic Gallery, added 3 new pics to Walmer WM.

29 November 2011
Added another plinthed vehicle to Plinthed Military Equipment gallery

28 November 2011
Added 3 new pics to Plinthed Military Equipment gallery

26 November 2011
Added new Bethlehem Gallery

25 November 2011
Added new pics to Plinthed Military Equipment, updated Emma Park page, added one border war casualty

22 November 2011
Added Heilbron Imperial Soldiers Plot to Abw section.

19 November 2011
Added 3 Border War Images from Lydenburg cem

18 November 2011
Added two images to Border War Graves page, added 2 tanks to Plinthed MIlitary Equipment, added new page on Field Engineers Memorial in Bethlehem, added Heilbron ABW Memorial, added new panoramics from Bethlehem into Cemetery Panoramic Gallery, added new pics in Athlone Castle in Bethlehem page, updated Heilbron Concentration camp memorial page

14 November 2011
Added new panorama to Panoramic Gallery, updated Brakpan Wreckage of Remembrance page, added new pics to Muffinland 10 November 2011
Edited Rand Revolt page and added in new images and reformed tables.

09 November 2011
Created Fordsburg Gallery and populated, also linked relevant pages to it.

06 November 2011
Added new page about Jeppestown Oval Memorial, added 2 new Panoramas

04 November 2011
Updated VCgraves page, Created new page on Frederick Robert VC.

01 November 2011
Added 5b new pics to coaches. Added bus pics to Misctransport gallery

31 October 2011
Created and started to populate the 3rd Panoramic Gallery page, changed overall look of all 3 of these pages. Added new statue: Carl von Brandis, adjusted image of Miners Monument, created new Gallery page on Johannesburg CBD

28 October 2011
Split Panoramic Galleries into 2 separate entities, one for general places, the other for cemeteries only. Adjusted main page accordingly. Updated Irish Brigades Monument page

24 October 2011
Added new demote to Muffinland, added new panorama from Floracliff area to West Rand Gallery, added new panoramas from Northcliff Ridge to Panoramic Gallery ready to start new page in that gallery. Updated POTM

18 October 2011
Added in new page to reflect the 3 major Soweto cemeteries

15 October 2011
Added new page on Moth Memorial in JHB, created new Gallery Page on Braamfontein

13 October 2011
Added in Panoramic gallery page 5, populated it with pics from Sterkfontein cem so long.

12 October 2011
Added panoramas for Nancefield, Dobsonville and Doornkop cemeteries into Panoramic gallery, will need to start a page 5 there soon. Added panoramas into New Roodepoort Cem page as well.

10 October 2011
Replaced some images and added new ones into Newtown gallery, replaced 2 images in JHB Cenotaph page, redid page on Oppenheimer Fountain,added new page on NG Church in Langlaagte

07 October 2011
Added new gallery on abandoned building in Roodepoort cemetery

05 October 2011
Updated Oldest ships page.

04 October 2011
Added more pics to Millsite galleries, created page 4 in Panoramic galleries, added new VC grave

03 October 2011
Added old JHB Station to Abandoned Gallery, updated Muffinland with new demote and vid

30 September 2011
Added new pics to West rand gallery as well as panorama. Added new page with statue to Chief Tshwane in Pretoria

29 September 2011
Added Panoramic views to Newclare Cem page as well as Panoramic Gallery

28 September 2011
Added in new pics to Delville Wood Memorial page

27 September 2011
Added 6 new live steamer images

26 September 2011.
Created pages for statues in Newtown area, added them to appropriate gallery and linked them to cems. Added panoramas to Horizon View Cemetery page and updated some of the images. Added Panoramas to Pretoria gallery

25 September 2011
Created gallery page on Newtown Tour and started populating it. Added new Demote to Muffinland, swopped out pic of fordsburg coach in coaches

24 September 2011
Split off The Great Dorset Steam Fair page from the existing Traction Engines page.

23 September 2011
Added Paul Kruger Statue, added picture gallery of Pretoria

22 September 2011
Added in 5 new pics to Panoramic Gallery page. Added new images to Gautrain Page

21 September 2011
Added pics from the Great Dorset Steam Fair into Traction Engine page. Created Livesteamers Elsewhere page, created new folder and moved all livesteamers to that folder.

20 September 2011
Created uniform panoramas in Brixton Cem and Burgershoop Cem, created new Panoramic page for cemeteries and moved those related images from first Panoramic Images page to it.

19 September 2011
Added new heritage sites classification in Cems, associated Confidence Reef with this classification, created George Harrison Park

16 September 2011
Added new story about Caitlyns visit to Reefsteamers.

11 September 2011
Added preliminary page on graves found at Crownwood Road, started populating new gallery with Panoramic Images, updated information in Oldest Ships, new pics and vid added to Muffinland, added extinct memorial: Roodepoort Civic Fountain

08 September 2011
Added panoramic views to Caledonia Hill Memorial

07 September 2011
Added page on Davidsonville cemetery. Replaced images in ERPM Memorial, Germiston and Districts WM and Bez Valley WM page

06 September 2011
Edited Braamfontein page with larger panoramas

05 September 2011
Added panoramic view to Florida Cem page.

03 September 2011
Added Richmond Hotel and Refreshment Cars to abandoned gallery.

01 September 2011
Replaced sepia postcards in the Union-Castle Sepia Cards page, as well as fixed any wrongly sized images in individual ship pages. Added new POTM on inside . Redid SA Oranje Interior Page

31 August 2011
Added page on Grey High School in PE. Created Robertville Memorial page, replaced some of the smaller images in the Union-Castle Folder and resized some of the thumbnails. Created new page on Transvaal Castle Brochure

30 August 2011
Updated 31/201 bn webpage with unveiling date.

29 August 2011
Redid pics in Magaliesfarm cems,

23 August 2011
Redid images in Holocaust Memorial

22 August 2011
Created SAHA Memorial in JHB, added links to this page from PE memorial, renamed files to be more uniform. Fixed broken links in back buttons of angels pages, fixed missing image in Westpark, added new pic of Florida Junction loco and re-arranged page, updated image in Airborne Memorial, updated ABW Memorial at the War Museum, Updated Panoramic view and removed dead link in Isandhlwana Page

19 August 2011
Redid images in JR More Page, added new pics of RP Jackson and John Cox to Pilot. 17 August 2011
added in new pics to retro goodies and cross linked them to nostalgia TV, added 4 panoramas to West Park Page

16 August 2011
Added Prince of Wales Obelisk, added in additional pic to Walmer War Memorial, expanded page on Heavy Artillery memorial as well as cross linked images to Obelisk and Walmer page, added Bathurst Frontier Wars Memorial

15 August 2011
Added new page on extinct memorial to Koos De la Rey, updated image in Rotunda park page, added ROH to Heavy Artillery Memorial in PE, added new page on Piet Retief Monument, added pic of Queen Victoria statue

13 August 2011
Added 3 Border War Graves and tidied up stray tags on that page

12 August 2011
Added new page on Westdene Bus Disaster, created new page on Uitenhage Concentration Camp, fixed spacing on Irene page

11 August 2011
Added panoramas to Burgershoop Cem page, added new Burgher grave to ABW

10 August 2011
Added new pics in Coaches and Misctrains

09 August 2011
Created Atlanta Gallery, updated Muffinland with Fisheye Gallery

08 August 2011
Created Bleskop Memorial page, as well as updated images in Retrosa and Retroreads

05 August 2011
Created Apple Express Page

02 August 2011
Replaced some images in Maraisburg ABW plot page, replced images in Maraisburg War Memorial page

01 August 2011
Added new page on Wright Patterson AFB aircraft collection

30 July 2011
Added Heavy Artillery Memorial

29 July 2011
Redirected Brixton and Braamfontein links inside JHB gallery to reflect correct places. Created Walmer War Memorial page

28 July 2011
Fixed broken page on Lady in White

20-27 July 2011
Replacing images with bigger and sometimes better ones, mostly in cargo ship area

20 July 2011
Replacing pics in Cargo ships with better quality. Added New Border War Casualties. Replaced pics in Doulos Page, created Graving Dock page. Created 1986 QE2 gallery

18 July 2011
Added more Border War casualties from PE, recreated Canberra gallery

16 July 2011
Redid Achille Lauro Gallery as well as fixed images in voyage report

15 July 2011
Added new page called Muffinland, replaced some images in Berg and Harbourcraft.

14 July 2011
Updated images in Rhapsody gallery, replaced images in Vistafjord gallery

13 July 2011
Replaced images in St Helena gallery

12 July 2011
Replaced images in Royal Viking Sun Page as well as Oriana Cruise and Oriana Picture page

11 July 2011
Fixed missing image and updated some images in Braamfontein cem pages, also added panorama, fixed link to Fire Dept memorial, moved all Braamfontein related images to Braamfontein folder in cems. Did same to Brixton. Upgraded thumbnails in Rand Revolt page

07 July 2011
added new page on Outeniqua Transport Museum, reworked retrosa and added in more pics. Replaced existing pics of Roodepoort War Memorial

06 July 2011
Reworked Fairlands Cem page, added composites and replaced some pics

02 July 2011
added in content for Abandoned and Derelict Gallery, started work on Plinthed Military Equipment Gallery, added in page about plinthed Impala in PE, adited pics in Florida Moth Hall page, added page on Donkin Reserve

01 July 2011
Started work on the Abandoned and Derelict Gallery

28 June 2011
Added new pics to Border War Graves second page

23 June 2011
Added new pics to aircraft gallery, added links into VC graves

21 June 2011
Added Basuto War Memorial

18 June 2011
Created new folder for VG Graves, moved contents from cems into this folder, create pages on graves where more than one pic is available.

12 June 2011
Added Mendi Memorial in PE

11 June 2011
Added Uitenhage War Memorial and Uitenhage ABW Memorial page

10 June 2011
Added new pics and fixed Godzilla page. Lightened water background on shipping pages, curently looking for a new background

09 June 2011
Added in page on Highgate Cem in London, updated inside to reflect HMS Warrior, added new page on Prince Alfreds Guard Memorial and Drill hall

08 June 2011
Added new page on Campanile in PE, Karel Landman Memorial , Nelson Mandela statues

07 June 2011
Added new page on PE Cenotaph, added JHB Cenotaph

05 June 2011
Added new page on Horses Memorial in PE

03 June 2011
Added 4 new pics to Aircraft gallery, added new VC data on Joseph Crowe

29 May 2011
Added new pics of Wall of Remembrance page, added 31/201 Bn Memorial page

28 May 2011
Added page on RR Diesel, fixed missing image and tage in Cems , added new Gautrain pics

27 May 2011
Replaced existing pic of Shaul VC with new pic, added page on Boksburg Cemetery

22 May 2011
Added 2 Border War Graves

21 May 2011
Added new Mayfair gallery

27 April 2011
? Added 2 new graves to Borderwargraves, added new pic in Cruise Ship Pics

26 April 2011
Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum added

22 April 2011
Added new page on Fault Descriptions

09 April 2011
Added new VC grave

04-08 April 2011
Populating and redoing Various Galleries, created Heritage folder for possible future development, added in Confidence Reef to this folder

28 March 2011
Redoing aircraft gallery pics, and adding in more pics from defunct fotopic gallery. Splitting off military aircraft from page, making new page, adjusting image sizes in army. Resized images in Hong Kong 1

26 March 2011
Recreated gallery page on JHB from the air and added new pics and new background. Shuffled pics around related to transportation in the gallery to make thinsg more uniform and make sure pics are in correct places. Also changed some of the backgrounds. Stacks more work needed though.

23 March 2011
Added 8 graves to Border War Graves, added new page on Langberg Cem Heroes Corner

21 March 2011
Fotopic has gone phut! reverting back to my old html gallery I started on the pages so long ago and then abandoned in favour of fotopic. Changed links on index, retrosa, twinnindex, must find others, also need to resolve gallery01 pages and clear them out as well to prevent duplication or confusion. Fixed a few mistakes in the old Gallery files for JHB

19 March 2011
Added Attack of the 50ft Twinn to Twinn index

07 March 2011
Added new page on Magaliesburg Farm Cemeteries

04 February 2011
Shuffled pics around in Trains. Created new Misc Train page, shuffled pics around in Burgershoop and changed menu in Cems

30 January 2011
Added new page on Boksburg trip

26 January 2011
Added new page on Gold Reef City Locomotives. Added 3 new pics to traction engines

25 January 2011
Added new page on Langlaagte Cemetery between the railway lines. Updated and created HTV Horner page

21 January 2011
Added JHB fire dept memorial. Recreated Westpark Cemetery page

12 Janury 2011
Added Roll of Honour at Union Buildings

08 January 2011
Added Dordrecht War Memorial, alphabetisized names in Cems, updated Dogs Life

07 January 2011
Added new pics of Garrett wagon added in Meyerton Loco to plinthed loco page

29 December 2010
added 3 new SADF Casualties to Border War Graves, added in new page to ABW plot at New Roodepoort cem

28 December 2010
added new page on Vroue Monument in Bloem, as well as linked it to cems and ABW 27 December 2011
Been redoing copyright info and fixing Meta tags in Army, trains and ABW

23 December 2010
Added page on SA Scottish Memorial in Brixton Cemetery

21 December 2010
Fixing up meta tags with wrong data in them, mostly in Cems area, also updating copyright info.

17 December 2010
Added Mendi Memorial Page, created link inside of Mendi Wreck page, added page on Avalon Cemetery, added new page on 16 June Uprising memorial

16 December 2010
Added rank insignia to Badges, added new pics to Coaches, added FoAR logo to train index page

29 November 2010
Added blockhouse in Bela-Bela to blockhouses page. Added new war memorial in Modimolle added in page on Modimolle Concentration Camp, fixed up dates on some pages.

17 November 2010
Added 2 new photo essay pics on Magaliesburg trip with GMAM

05 November 2010
Added Magaliesburg Cemetery Page

15 October 2010
Added Gautrain Page

13 October 2010
Added Bokkie Park Loco page

27 September 2010
Updated Chamdor debacle to new date, did more comparison pics. Added page on 19D Cheugnette, added new page on Slam Door Sub of FotR, added new page on Cullinan trip.

18 September 2010
Updated Chamdor debacle and fixed some broken links.

15 September 2010
Added Panorama Cemetery

08 September 2010
Added KMZ files and gogle earth co-ordinates to some cem and memorial pages.

07 September 2010
Resurrected old Chamdor page and added new pics and relinked it. Added new buttons to Index.htm

04 September 2010
added new page on steam power machines

02 September 2010
Redid some pics in Krugersdorp Concentration Camp page. Added new page on Brenthurst Cemetery and Horizon View Cemetery, changed pic on inside to HMS Tamar

14 July 2010
Added new pics to Harbour Craft and Pilot boats, created TS McEwan page

09 July 2010
Added new page on articulated saloon

07 July 2010
Created new page on Edenvale Cemetery

05 July 2010
Created new page Retroracers, updated Inside page

01 July 2010
Created new page on Class 15F 3046, added more pics to Susan page 30 June 2010
Created pages on Ferndale, Cape Collinson, Primrose, Roodepoort and Greenhills Cemeteries

28 June 2010
Moved images from cems folder into cems2 folder, moved concentration camp images from cems to abw/camps, added more pics into Fontainebleau page and relocated it to cems2. Created page on Ferndale Cemetery

16 June 2010
Added in new text and pics to 61 Mech Memorial, moved Border War Graves to new folder as well as all pics related to it.

14 June 2010
Added 3 new pics to Border War casualties to Border War Graves page. Added in page on unveling of 61 Mech Memorial, and new page on the memorial

22 May 2010
Added 2 new Border War casualties to Border War Graves page

21 May 2010
Redid inside page finally.

17 May 2010
Resized thumbs in misctugs page, added 3 new pics to Trains Elsewhere, updated Oldest Ships, fixed up font sizes in all retro pages.

14 March 2010
Redid Star Ferries page to show 8 ferries and additional pics from 2010

10 March 2010
Added new tugs to Misc Tugs page

02 April 2010
Added new tug pics to Steam Tugs Page

31 March 2010
Added new page on Sai Wan Cemetery, added new pics into Maritime Hong Kong, replaced Star Aquarius pics

06 March 2010
Added new data on florida coach

06 February 2010
Added 3 new VC Graves.

30 January 2010
Updated John Ross page and replaced Wolraad Woltemade pic.

18 January 2010
Finally completed The Return of Paige.

15 January 2010
Started work on new Twinn story, half done already!

14 January 2010
Added new VC grave to VC page, updated oldest ships

01 January 2010
Added Maraisburg war Memorial page

31 December 2009
Created pages for CG White, RA Leigh and AM Clark, Ulundi, added new pics and updated Pilot boats page.

12 December 2009
Added more info in VC's page as well as 2 new pics.

05 December 2009
Added in list of VC burials in ZA

28 November 2009
New POTM, added domain to Twinns, updated New and Views in Army, added new pic to cruise ship photographs, updated oldest ships

14 November 2009
Added new Germiston war memorial and new pics in trains elsewhere and Coaches

07 November 2009
Added 2 military deaths to news and views page. Added Marcy arrival to Twinns

31 October 2009
Added new page on Fort Klapperkop at ABW as opposed to page at Cems

27 October 2009
Added paragraph in News and views, changed pic in 32Bn, added in Danie Theron Statue, added in page on Fort Schanskop

25 October 2009
Added SADF Wall of Remembrance and 32 BN Tree of Honour

24 October 2009
Added O&K loco as well as Wakkerstroom and Ermelo loco's, new POTM.

15 October 2009
Added Lionel into 61 Mech memorial page, added some pics to Braamfontein page.

03 October 2009
Updated Alwyn Vintcent webpage, fixed link in Twinns index, added adk badge and 2 medals, added new Twinn and bio. Finally fixed font inconsistency in pboekies

01 October 2009
Added marksman badge and SACC flash to badges.

26 September 2009
Added in bayonet pic as well as Varkpan. Added ops thunder chariot dates, added new glossary term and pic.

24 September 2009
Added page on German War Memorial, and Louis Botha statue. Added 4 border war graves. Fixed typo on inside.

14 September 2009
Added in Hertzog statue, Police Memorial, new pics of Delville Wood memorial, 3 new border war graves.

13 September 2009
Updated POTM, removed sanrasm pages from trains. added 1SSB badge to badges, added new grave to border war graves.

22 August 2009
Split badges from photopage in army, removed counter from army, fixed some pagebreaks in update, completed populating plaques in klapperkop, changed 61mech badge placing.

16 August 2009.
Added Fort Klapperkop to Cems, added 6B into loco's and class 6 page. Added border boys parade

14 Auguts 2009
Added in individual pages on coaches at Sanrasm

10 August 2009
Added more Kitty and Garratt graveyard pics, removed counters on Twinns and inside, added in data on Finns, added in page on Shashi, Wesvaal and 3 class balcony. Added link in Union-Castle

08 August 2009
Removed old face moldfiles, added new Twinn story, fixed case issue with class 6A. added in new cruise ship pics.

23 May 2009
Added new antique coach to coaches page

20 May 2009
Added new page on Refreshment and Catering cars

16 May 2009
Added new page on Randfontein War Memorial

02 May 2009
Added new page on Meerbank Concentration Camp, added more pics to Jameson Raid page. Added Balmoral to cruiseship pics.

01 May 2009
Added in Edwin Swales VC grave, added one cruise ship pic and fixed misdirected cruiseship pic. Added in more Jameson Raid material.

25 April 2009
Added in 3 coach pics and reconstructed text of Jameson raid memorial in Burgershoop, added new border was grave

24 April 2009
Added in 2 new cruise ship pics, shuffled existing cruise ship pics pages.

20 April 2009
Added Indian Army War memorial

19 April 2009
Added new page on Jameson raid memorial, added new page on Elize steam engine

17 April 2009
Added in Mendi Roll of Honour, updated newsandviews in army. Added new page on Middelburg Concentration Camp

15 April 2009
Titanic's anniversary, new POTM relevant to it. New page on coaches created but not yet live. Also page on balcony in millsite

31 March 2009
Added page about class 6, changed to new pics of susan, corrected captions on electrics

08 March 2009
New page on Magalies trip, new pics on roodeloco and new page on florida junction loco.

15 February 2009
Added in Reefsteamers pages, new POTM, changed look of train pages with internal colour.

12 February 2009
Split Cruiseshippics into 2 pages and enlarged thumbs, redid some Dolous pics.

02 February 2009
Added new ABW death, started new section on steam trains, new POTM.

17 January 2008
Added Jewish Guild Memorial page, tweaked pages in retrosa and Cems, removed Jenni Amanda pages.

05 January 2009
Added in new page on blockhouses in abw pages. New POTM.

30 December 2008
Added in new border war graves from Thaba Tshwane New Military Cem.

27 December 2008
Added in Igor bio, made changes to bios of Anasatsia and Lily-Su, removed Christmas decorations, started work on renaming story but not live yet. Changed bios to reflect new positions on Twinn Council.

26 December 2008
Added in new Roodepoort war memorial page

23 December 2008
Updated MTS page, and new inside.

18 December 2008
Added in Vereeniging Camp cemetery, added links on cems and abw, redid some pics in tugs and steamtugs.

16 December 2008
Redid parts of retrosa and added in new pics and fixed up some of the old ones to reflect new images

14 December 2008
Enhanced Estrella Do Mar page and added more info on CG White

08 December 2008
Added miners monument to cems pages.

06 December 2008
Decorated Twinns page, added new POTM

24 November 2008
Added new page with Gandhi statue.

15 November 2008
Added new inside pic and blurb, added new Florida Moth Hall page. Continuing with populating Gallery at fotopic.

02 November 2008
New email address added to contact page.

21 October 2008
Completed new JHB gallery, updated Oldestships, added new book to army

18 October 2008
Have completed QE2 and Transport gallery pages. Added new Krugersdorp memorial and statue

13 October 2008
Created new Achille and Canberra Gallery pages as well as removed old pics out of shipbio to point to new places in gallery. Also pointed pages in cruise ships to point to gallery page.

12 October 2008
The coppermine gallery has gone down the toilet, and like its predecessor will be trashed. This time around I am going to make my own gallery! Changes to pointers today, files to move, pages to create. Watch this space.

27 September 2008
Added in Natal battlefields to abw, added in Isandlwana page in cems, fixed more Twinn Profiles.

23 September 2008
Added Burgershoop cem to ABW pages, added new Twinn story.

16 September 2008
Added new poppy logo to relevant pages, added new grave to border war graves, changed Twinn bios of Nicole and Elinor. Added Elinor departure story.

14 September 2008
New HMS Belfast gallery added.

5 September2008
New POTM, removed old BRR and BRIX cem stuff, moved it to ABW pages, added Maraisburg and Primrose to ABW. Added more flashes to military and made a few new additions and corrections to glossary. Added in Tower Hill, Oldham memorial, St James Park, Battle of Bitain, Crimea, Edith Cavell and Caeser Augustus. CCF story added to twinns as well as some new pics and expanded some of the bios. Also almost completed redoing front page colour in Twinns. More stuff added to gallery in London, twinns and transport sections. Wow... A busy week.

09 August 2008
Added Maritime London page, changed contact details for MTS, added pics to gallery.

07 August 08
Added in new POTM, new gallery on the Uk and tweaked a few odds and sods, intending to add whole new page on London and HMS Belfast.

08 July 08
Updated references to the Alywn Vintcent, including new inside rant. Also added Twinn guide and new pic to army pages.

26 June 2008
Added in pics in oldest ships page and updated some data. General maintenance where needed, Still intending to redo some of the twinn story pages to new format.

29 May 2008
The old gallery has gone phut for reasons unknown. Installed a new gallery and redid it.

28 April 2008
Redo-ing some of the Twinn story pages with new format and bigger pics, deleted dreamcatcher page, fixed bio page, Added more pics to Hong Kong pages, tidied up froglunch pages.

21 March 2008
Added in maritime Hong Kong page as well as new cruise ships.

05 January 2008
website moved to new server so all counters are kaput. Redid those, also added in new copyright date, updated oldest cruise ships, wargraves and a few odds and sods.

11 December 2007
Added in lots of memorials and cemetery pages since September, also new story in Twinns and added in Christmas goodies on twinns pages.

29 September 2007
Added new link to cems mainpage on index, moved images from army to cems.

20 September
After adding in lots of pics of cemeteries I have now split these away from the army section into a page of their own.

12 August 2007
Added in new pages with memorials in. Redid airborne memorial page that wasnt working.

03 August 2007
Deleted link to blog (Its not going anywhere anyway), added background to index.

03 July 2007
Added new airborne and Anglo-Boer war memorial pages, updated sea genealogy page, added Carnarvon Castle page

26 June 2007
Added new page on Oranjemund trip south as well as new pics to fpso and unicorn and products. Upgraded gallery, added new album on JHTM.

12 June 2007
redid Titanic pages to center text

29 April - 03 May 2007
Prepare domain for moving to Texo, fix up _blank in a few pages, also fix incorrect images showing on some pages.

14 April 2007
Added in more pics to Aegean Dolphin cruise, added new comments and pic to inside

24 March 2007
added in fpso pages, also redid portion of army career page.

18 March 2007
Fixed up pages in froglunch, also removed stories and no longer relavent pages from there. Redid pics in pilot as well as added alwyn vintcent

16 March 2007
The blog and gallery go live with links on index pages. past week has been content, captions and tweaking.

02 March 2007
Added in new page, unclassified maritime gallery (for pics with no home), new POTM, added new page to Cait, added new pics to tugs and linked a few other pics. More cosmetic work.

21 February 2007
Added in in new POTM of Mendi day. Redid some of the pics of MSC and assorted cargo ships, also split off Indian Ocean Islands shipping and split it into page of its own.

17 February 2007
Added in better copies of pics in army as well as new page, added in better copies of pics in cargo, tugs, and other spots. Working on gallery page in blog, also changed look of blog

31 Jan 2007
added more pics to Achille cruise and made Oceanos main page and redid Oceanos page look

20 Jan 2007
reworked inside a bit, added in 2 banners, added pics into shipmovies, added new pics to Santa Paula/Rosa articles, tidyied up shipwrecks page and made additions. Added text into contact page

04 Jan 2007
Mostly minor updates have been done so I havent listed them as I did them. Added in favicon (hope it works) as well as changed button on seaenter. Must start working on copyright bits too

20 August 2006
Been working a bit on the blog pages as the need takes me. Keep on updating the book list and occasionally actually write something.

15 May 2006
Added experimental blog pages and changed index pages accordingly

6 Feb 2006
Redid some of the cruise ship pics pages and added new pics, also added more info and pic to Mendi page.

22 Jan 2006
Added new POTM, as well as made pages for some of those cruise liner pics, also addded in bigger versions of the pics (and much better quality ones too)

10 Jan 2006
worked mostly on Twinn pages, also added in pics of Europa and new page on OSV Voortrekker. Removed old coffee news pages

10 October 2005
removed defunct coffeenews pages (waste of money) and cleaned up a tad.

05 Sept 2005
Between last update list and now I have increased the amount of space available and moved the Tumbling Twinns website to here, also did minor work on a few pages and have repaired a few spelling mistakes along the way. Also added in new links in the 4 funnel liners page

09 Sept 2005
Not much happening contentwise, just the usual updates to Union pages as a result of the Windsor being broken up. Also added in page on MTS in Durban. Also removed the USA trip pages. Added in new link on index pages, repaired the long broken counter on inside.

01 August 2005
Added in the coffeenews temp pages

14 Feb 2005
Removed more pics and large content from pages.

05 feb 2005
Removed more pages to create space.

18 January 2005
added in new pages in Minerva, Delphin Renaissance and The World, new addition to car carriers.

09 January 2005
Added page on windsor model, added new POTM

31 December 2004
added in new page on harbour craft, redid page on JR More, added in new pics too. added new msc ships in as well as redid some pics by rescanning.

26 December 2004
Fixed broken links in Union-Castle pages, also redid 2 pages for better reading. Fixed widths on ship stamps pages.

21 November 2004
added in Island Princess pics page as well as Dolous Pics Page

13 Nov 2004
added in new QE2 pics page, updated POTM

30 Oct 2004
At least 50MB of content has been lost by webhost, so many 404's and missing images. Start looking for new host. Update oldest cruise ships. Added new Oceanos pics page

20 Oct 2004
Removed forum due to inactivity, added in new link to ourtwinns website, mostly populating this website since adding it in.

14 August 2004
added new page on reefers, moved a few pics around, added new page "pics from the past" new POTM.

07 August 2004
been slowly redoing pages on cruises, added in new page on Galway Castle and new tug to tugs page. still converting to 1024 width, removed all links pages, redid bio page. adding borders and captions on many of the pics.

30 July 2004
added in pages relating to car carriers and products tankers, as well as new POTM and new additions to lykes and msc. Fixed misdirected pic on tankers.

Jan-July 2004
Mostly routine maintenance, changing POTM and updating oldest ships, Union Castle info, added page about Atlanta trip and redid state quarters, added in Caits website, changing to 1024x768 format as I go along, also making pages more mozilla friendly. Added pics at retro areas and deleted some unwanted stuff to gain space, Moved Caits website to eject, added guest book archive to military. Maint maint maint.

01 January 2004
been doing maintenance on pages from June onwards. Added in 1960's built ships, removed bermuda and reflection, centered lines and did table widths.

June onwards...
Just keep adding the various movements of ships going to the breakers and new POTM's on a regular basis, added new stories and did cosmetic work.

05 May 2003
Redid USA trip pages, fixed photos and added new ones. Created new folder for trip and added backgrounds and new content. Redid story pages and changed background colours in some stories. Fiddled with index page and linked USA trip directly to this page. Added new POTM.

21 April 2003
Been adding in new content since Feb, mostly retrosa related. Also removed mailships folder and combined into 1 folder. Added page on Warwick Castle, new potm's, updated info on UC thenandnow, removed chat buttons, created index.htm and index.html versions of page.

20 March 2003
started adding new pics to saships, pages on safmarine, msc, lykes, unicorn. Renamed page accordingly. Added new tug pics as well as potm.

08 January 2003
New POTM, started to move rest of domain to Afrihost

24 December 2002
Deleted Lakers of Milwaukee and New York Maritime Curiosities

16 December 2002
Added new page on African ships, new POTM, updated thenandnow

04 September
Added new pic of the month.

22 August 2002
Added new page on maritime philately.

07 August 2002
New Pot. Added Rampart to interesting ships. Create individual pages for each Indiv ship.

04 July 2002
Added new page Saships.htm.

26 June 2002
All pages moved. Added new Pic of the month. Updated Mendi Page and added page to military. Deleting pages at Tripod and putting in new redirection links.

28 May 2002
Start moving website to bravenet. Update links wherever possible to reflect new address. added new potm.

15 April 2002
Preparing new POTM and adding more info to tugs pages as I get it.

06 April 2002
Deleted dollstory as well as froglunch because of space restrictions at Tripod.

01 April 2002
Added new page on SAR steam tugs, added additional link to the tugs pages.

20 March February 2002
Fixed inconsistencies in Union-Castle section and updated info on remaining ships. Added more info to tugs page. Added new POTM and text.

24 February 2002
Added names of tugs to satugs.htm and additional info to pilot.htm. Added meta tags. Added new POTM

07 February 2002
Added page about Milwaukee lakers and redid pics as previous ones were lousy due to mess with psp. Added aardvark search box, as well as shipwrecks pages, mendi page and new pic of Doulos. Added snide comment about ananzi (that will teach them), added webforum from inside and armymain. changing copyright notices as I go along.

01 February 2002
Registered site with new military webring and verified that it works.

31 December 2001
Trying new water background. New ship pic of the week (now month), changed banner on index, added new page on shipwrecks, fixed mistakes on pilot.htm, added new def to glossary. Added edinburgh castle page.

09 December 2001
Added pages on Reina Del Mar, added new title bar to Union, changed inside pic, fixed mistake on glossary and added new entry. Added 2 pics to disasters, fixed spelling mistake on Santa Rosa, added logo to Titanic main page, added pic to Betsy page, repaired spelling mistake on doll page, added title to tugs page.

10 November 2001
Added pages on Arundel, Capetown and Pendennis Castles, tidied up Vaal and Windsor pages.

08 November 2001
Remove target specifiers on index page, add new shipping links, redo oranje page, change pic on inside, add counter to froglunchindex, fix spelling mistake on Swedish, Fixed broken mailto links on inside and froglunchindex, added new terms to glossary.

15 October 2001
Completed split of website, added home buttons, new items and pics to glossary also arranged alphabetically, new info to Achille, more whatis, added link to military webring on Index, ended Jenni stories, changed Oceanos pics, added new pic of the week and moved USA ribbin to index.

05 October 2001,
Start to split website into 4 sections.

29 September 2001
Been busy with ship history project so not much has been done in awhile. Changed index page and deleted alphabet page, moved contents to old bio page. Changed POTW, corrected info on oldestships page, added flagline to inside and ships.htm. Completed dollstory page for awhile, will start again soon. deleted weather station. Added USA ribbon on inside.

10 August 2001
Created newpage alphabet.htm, added to ship bios, redirected individual bios to point to this page. Added webring bar to armymain. uploaded new dollstory files. Added new links and deleted spurious entries in guestbook.

31 July 2001
created new page titanicmain.htm, all titanic pages to link to this page, created new inside.htm.

27 July 2001
Added update gif to miscimages and wil use it on any new pages. Also added 2 new pages to jenindex. 21 July 2001
Added dino.htm to dollstory, added oldestships.htm to inside.

16 July 2001
Added titanicdoll and recipes to Dollstory. Added halifax.htm to inside. added background and images to godzilla.htm

04 July 2001
Added 3 new dollstories, linked through to new indexpage for JA. Rescanned Union castle pics and ftp'ed them upwards.

31 June2001
Added new dollstory alien.htm, added new page thenandnow.htm to unioncastle, added pics to this page, added new lightbulb joke.

29 June 2001
added new page potw.htm, added table to inside to accomodate potw, added link to archive on inside and cruiseshipics

28 June 2001
Added new story holmes.htm, picnic.htm and cold.htm. converted mystories.htm to css. 23 June 2001
Created new page eclipse.htm, office.htm, added pics to fourfunnel.htm

20 June 2001
Created new pages adventures1.htm, dollindex.htm. Added link to inside.htm

15 June 2001
updated berg.htm, voyages.htm, betsy.htm, canb.htm, rap.htm, symph.htm, symph02.htm, oriana.htm, oceanos.htm, achille.htm, dolphin.htm, tristan.htm, humour.htm, letterhome.htm, spellcheck.htm, starwars.htm, beast.htm, boygirl.htm, horrormovie.htm, insanity.htm, startitanic.htm, analogy.htm, chicken.htm, olympics.htm, translit.htm, acronym.htm, lightbulb.htm to html4 and CSS

13 June 2001
Added 4 new stories

31 May 2001
Added new pics to Misctugs and Pilotboats. made navbar more uniform on tug pages. Added navlinks to armycareer, moved page groups on inside.htm. Removed opsys.htm from printerpage and consolidated info onto 1 page.

25 May 2001
Added new page cupid.htm. Added new page on Santa Rosa.

24 May 2001
Added new page dreamcatch.htm, moved snoopy to entertain, added esoteric to links page.

21 May 2001
moved snow.htm to mystories page. added new pic to newyorkships, fixed pic of pier. Added new pics to ships.htm

03 May 2001
Create new page courage.htm, godzilla.htm, entertain.htm, add these pages to it. create lightbulb page and add to humour.htm

28 April 2001
Created new file symph02.htm, fixed link in voyages, fixed pictures in both symphony pages.

27 April 2001
Created complete CD of domain. new pages: messmarsister.htm, carpathia.htm

15 April 2001
Added new link on inside to point to fourfunnel.htm. Removed classics.htm and removed united.htm from classics.

13 April 2001
Created aegeanbio.htm, fixed dolphin.htm, added font specifier to links.htm

11 April 2001
Created QE2bio and Rotterdambio, added to ships page and moved pics to bios. Uploaded files

09 April 2001
Made new page achillepics, cruiseshippics.htm, started to split out ship pics into different pages. Created new folder for bios, added achille, europa and intrepid to bios.

08 April 2001
Added new page harbourcraft.htm, changed links on satugs.htm, pilot.htm, misctugs.htm, jrmore.htm,

07 April 2001
Wrote new story hell.htm, added new page intrepid.htm, added link on armymain, added links to newyorkships

06 April 2001
Moved peanuts tribute to inspire.htm, added new page goonshow.htm and link from inside. added new questions to faq.htm. Added new page compare.htm. removed underconstruction logo from homeaway. edited usaprices.htm

04 April 2001
Added ark text to classics.htm, added finns.htm, library.htm, lifeboats.htm

03 April 2001
Added acronym.htm to humour page

30 March 2001
edited homeaway to reflect arriving home in SA. Fixed mistakes and added breaks. fixed boygirl.htm. Added names to sepia.htm, redid union.htm

17 March 2001
Added new page newyorkships.htm and pics for page. Added link on inside to new page. added text to homeaway.

15 March 2001
Added new text to homeaway and usaprices. Added pics to oldhouse. Added search button to inside. Created new pic pages for USA trip.

07 February 2001
Update counter code on index, add menu to army career page.

03 February 2001
Created new inside page. Added Aplus to compuhelp, added new graphics on inside

02 February 2001
Added new pics to usapics. added new page nearer.htm and midi's.

29 January 2001
Added new pics to usapics and snow.

28 January 2001
Added javawave.htm to voyages, added ie button to index, shuffled index counter. Added new pic to inside and faq, added new stories page and populated with stories. Removed 3 javascripts from inside page and added to compuhelp page. Added cammo background to armymain, glossary and pics. Fixed 61 mech insignia to merge with background. Changed headings on inside page.

27 January 2001
Added more bits to homeaway, added page usaprices.htm, added link on pics. added 4 new pics

22 January 2001
Added new page Olympics.htm and added link to humour.htm

20 January 2001
Added 5 new pics to Snow.htm, added page: colors.htm, added updates page. Added mailto link and moved guestbook logo to LHS. Removed update script. Added misctugs.htm, 10 tug pics

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