The Biography of Tina.

Full Names: Tina Marion.
Statistics:Wendy mold, brown eyes, brown hair.
Manufactured: Virginia.
Arrived in SA: 24 November 2007
Occupation: Bean Counter.
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, mathematics, legume and bean counting.
Clubs and Societies: Wendys of the World
Previous owners:None
Arrival story:Tina's Arrival.

Tina is the 20th Twinn in the family and is a distant relative of Justyn, our only male Twinn. She is second Wendy in the family, but the only female Wendy. She was brought to South Africa to assist with the search for a new home for the Twinns and once that was secured assisted in the relocation of everyone. She then decided to remain in South Africa and open a small bean counter consultancy to assist Twinns with relocating and with counting beans. She has also been appointed official auditor to the C&D Detective Agency, and has since discovered that their books are a mess. Tina was sold outside of Tumbling Twinns in October 2011.
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