Skye Comes Home.


The Twinns back at the offices of C & D had no idea that Princess Skye had departed so made no special arrangements to meet her. Early on Saturday morning Caitlyn had to go into the office to catch up on some paperwork. Like Dawn she was somewhat jaded by the way the detective business had gone. Caitlyn had turned into a glorified administrator and had not detected anything in months.
"I envy Dawn searching for that crummy dog every second day, at least she gets to do some real detective work." Caitlyn signed yet another memo and paused for a break. "I suppose I better get on home and see what's on the go there. "
There was a knock on the door and Caitlyn opened it to reveal Princess Skye. "Good morning, I am looking for the C & D Detective Agency."
"Princess Skye, what a surprise, we weren't expecting you till next week. Please come inside. My name is Caitlyn. "

"Thank you. I am glad to finally be here, its been a long journey."
"I know, lucky dolls fall asleep the moment we climb into our boxes"
"That's true, I wonder why is it though?"
"I think it's some sort of protection mechanism, but I am sure Sarah would love to discuss it with you when we get you home Princess."
"Oh please don't call me Princess, I have no jurisdiction outside of the kingdom and we are not really very big on protocol back home."
"That's a relief, I was afraid that our clients would have been intimidated by a Princess."
"I hope they aren't. I would hate to make anybody feel uncomfortable."
"The only people we want to make uncomfortable are the bad guys."
"That reminds me, I have brought some goodies for everybody, my sisters and I helped out at the annual Pajama Festival and Exposition this year. The Caities at the Sultanate of Tamsen were very nice and we all got together some nice PJ's for everybody. I also persuaded my sisters to make some nice C & D shirts. I hope you don't mind."

"Don't mind? of course we don't mind, we will be honoured to accept these gifts. These shirts will really make us look great, kinda like our own corporate identity. I know Dawn has been waiting for you to arrive and she is going to be so chuffed with her shirt."
"Is she in?"
"Today is her monthly comic swap meeting, she was hoping to score a few bargains. I expect by the time we get home she should be back."
"I have read about her comic collection, I can't wait to see it, oh, and please remind me to tell her to look behind the bookcase."

Back at home Dawn and Heather were both on the balcony reading comics. Outside of the office they were best friends but when Heather was busy answering the phone Dawn would do her best to run and hide. It had been a productive day for Dawn too, she had made a few acquisitions which boosted her already large comic collection.
"I hope Cait doesn't stay too long at the office", Heather said.
"That sounds like her at the door now. I hope she has brought lunch."
Caitlyn and Skye walked out onto the balcony. "Hi guys, look who arrived this morning." Caitlyn said.
"Why shucks, it's Princess Skye, here at last. Welcome Princess. It's not every day that I get to meet royalty" Heather said, lapsing into her telephone voice.
"How do you do Princess. I like your dress, its very pretty, and those clogs! wow! " Dawn said.

Skye laughed, "Thank you for your kind welcome, I am glad to finally be here. I have looked forward to meeting everybody for such a long time. Dawn, Princess Tammara and Tammolyn send their greetings and said I must tell you that they have a collection of "Haunted Sheep" which may interest you.
"Ah gee, I have been looking for a collection of those for ages. Its a very rare comic book which was only produced in the Sultanate."
"The Princess has brought along some nice goodies for us, but I think they can wait for awhile as she has had a long flight and I expect would like to freshen up and rest for a few hours." Caitlyn reminded them.
"No problem, Princess I insist that you use my bed today until Jennifer comes back from her cookery class." Heather volunteered.
"Please don't call me Princess Heather, it makes me feel hoity toity, please call me Skye. Oh, and before I forget, Dawn, you must look behind the bookcase in the bedroom."

Pleasantries over, Caitlyn showed Skye where she could freshen up and Heather went and made sure her bed was made so that Skye could have a nap, leaving a bemused Dawn to ponder "Look behind the bookcase? I wonder what she meant?"

"Only one way to find out...."

"My missing Richie Rich comic! Gee, I wondered where that had gotten to. If that's what Skye can do for a lost comic I can't wait to see what she can do when it comes to missing umbrellas and budgies!"

DR Walker. JE Sturgis 2005. Revised 3 September 2007