Onto Africa: Brenda's departure for darkest Africa.

Brenda, an Emma who is going to Africa
Taryn, an Emma who is staying in Pennsylvania
Carin Grace, another Emma who is of serene temperament
Liberty-Ann (Libby) a Tasha friend
Carlisle, a noble Crocodile

It was time for Brenda to pack to go to South Africa. Although she was very excited, she was starting to feel very nervous. "South Africa is a long way away," said Brenda, looking at her map.
"Yes, but think of all the scenery you will see on the plane. Maybe even dolphins and whales in the ocean," said Libby. "Brenda, hold still so I can fix your hair."
"Do you think this outfit is OK? Maybe I should wear something more casual. What are the names of the girls over there again?"
"Caitlyn, Dawn, and Kelsey," replied Carin, who was standing by with Brenda's shoes. "And don't worry, Bren, you look just fine."
"Caitlyn, Dawn, and Kelsey," mumbled Brenda. "Caitlyn, Dawn, and Kelsey. Carin, how will I know who is who?"
"Let me get their photos for you," said Carin, going to her computer. In a few minutes she was back with a sheet of photos. "Here - you can study this on the plane."

"Thanks, Carin. That is a big help," said Brenda, trying to fix in her mind the names and faces of the three girls who would soon be her roommates. "I hope we will be compatible."
"I'm sure you will," said Taryn. "From all I hear about them, they are marvelous girls. And remember, they taught us how to carry things. I am grateful for that every day. But we will never get you packed if we stand around talking. Let's get these undies off the washline and into the box. Brenda, why are you taking so many pairs?"
"I wonder why they are called pairs when they are only one," mused Libby. "That's a real mystery."
"I was told there is a shortage of underpants in South Africa," said Brenda. "I want to help. Plus I am hoping it will help make a good first impression if I bring gifts."
"Good thing we have some to spare," said Libby.
"Yes, " laughed Carin, "That is because we hardly ever wear them!"
"Shhhh" said Taryn. "You will get us laughed out of Twinndom if anyone finds out. Brenda, don't tell when you get over there. And don't forget, you have to call them "knickers" not underpants."
"I won't," said Brenda. "Knickers. Caitlyn, Kelsey, and Dawn."
"There is also Allison," pointed out Libby, helpfully.. Carin and Taryn groaned.
"Libby, don't confuse her. If she manages to remember the Twinns names she can learn Allison's later."
"Good thing we have some to spare," said Libby.

Just think of all the great animals in Africa," Taryn pointed out, trying to change the subject. "Hippos, giraffes, and maybe you will even see tigers!!"
"Taryn," said Carin, "I am sorry to have to tell you, there are no tigers in Africa unless they are in the zoos."
"Darn," said Taryn, frowning. Then she brightened, "OK, but they do have leopards and cheetahs and lions. I'd like to see a leopard. I'd like to pet one---."
"I will really miss all of you," Brenda suddenly interrupted. "It's been fun living here. I liked it a lot better than Florida where I lived before."
"Yes, but you will have lots of adventures over there." Carin commented. "And, don't forget, you can always come back for Croc Camp," she added, as Carlisle came into the room to help with the packing.

"I will miss you Carlisle," Brenda sighed.
"I will miss you, too, Brenda, but I know you will have a good time," said Carlisle. " Here is something to remember me by." Carlisle presented Brenda with a gold necklace with a fluorite heart. "It is the Order of the Crocodile and will protect you against any enemies. Also I have made special arrangements by cyber-phone with Godzilla for him to take care of you."
"Carlisle, are there crocs in Africa?" Brenda asked.
"There certainly are. We are known for our fierce tribe over there," said Carlisle proudly. "That is probably why there aren't any tigers left."
Oh, Carlisle," everyone laughed. But now the time had come for Brenda to get into her traveling box, and the girls were suddenly silent.
"B-B-B-B-Brenda, I am going to miss you," Taryn said, sobbing. She got out her hankie and blew her nose. Even the normally calm and composed Carin had tears in her eyes. "Don't forget, we want to hear from you by e-mail the minute you arrive!"

"I won't forget," Brenda promised. "I will be strong of armature. I will have a good time. What were those names again? Dawn, Kelsey, and, uh, uh, Caitlyn, that's it, Caitlyn." She looked down at Carlisle, who blew his nose loudly in the hankie held by Carin.
"It's just crocodile tears," joked Carlisle a little shakily. "I will be fine in a minute. Brenda, we salute you. Have a wonderful trip and may the armature be with you!"

And so Brenda climbed in her box, her eyes were droopy and like all Twinns, she fell asleep almost immediately. Her friends sealed the box and waved as she was taken to the car for her journey to the post office.
"Will we ever see her again?" Carin asked.
"We may never see her again, but she is only 13000 kilometres away, thats a mere drop in a large ocean. She will always be with us in spirit and just an email away." Carlisle re-assured everybody.
"Goodbye Brenda, take care." Libby said softly before bursting into tears. "I miss her already."

And so it was that Brenda departed on her long journey to a far away continent, its a hazardous journey and we are happy to report that she made it safely.

© JE Sturgis, DR Walker 2004,