The Biography of Nicole.

Full Names: Nicole Dana.
Nicknames: Nicky
Statistics:Lenora mold, green eyes, brown hair.
Manufactured: Denver.
Arrived in SA:24 November 2007
Occupation: Announcer and DJ at Radio WTWINN.
Hobbies and Interests:Urban Legends, photography, urban archealogy, history
Clubs and Societies: The Lenora Association
Pets: Winston the British Bulldog
Previous owners: Jo in PA
Arrival story:The arrival of Nicole

Nicole is the 21st Twinn in the family and has a keen interest in the past and preservation of the past. Like all Lenoras she is very serious and intelligent. She was appointed Twinn Time 2008 for South Africa, and apart from a slight misunderstanding in 2007 is expected to fulfill her tasks with aplomb. She is a part time student studying towards an archealogy degree, but works as a broadcaster at Radio WTWINN to earn money for her studies.
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