The Day Jennifer Mae Arrived.

Unlike the other Twinns, Amanda was an early riser. She liked to wake up early and get dressed, go outside and watch the sun come up and then take Waffles for her morning sniff around the lamposts and trees. It was nice and peaceful too, the traffic noises weren't so loud and even the early bird had come and gone. It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day, winter wasn't too far off and Amanda could feel that the air was considerably cooler on this Saturday morning.
Waffles sniffed at the pipes in delight, Amanda always wondered what it was that fascinated dogs so much that they could stand for hours sniffing away at pipes, trees and bushes.
"Come along Waffles, you have sniffed there long enough, you are the only dog that lives here and I don't think any other dogs have left you a calling card to say they had been there."

Waffles seemed to consider this for a moment before taking a final sniff and turning towards a new distraction. A Twinn was walking towards them, she dragged a huge pink suitcase and a jet black cat walked at her side.

"Good morning," Amanda said, "You seem lost. May I help you?"
"Good morning," the Twinn said, "I am looking for Caitlyn, do you know where I could find her?"
"That's an easy one, Caitlyn lives at the next flat, but I am afraid she is somewhat of a late riser, especially over the weekends. I expect she is still dozing away."
"Oh, the lazy bones hasn't changed a bit then. I am here to visit her. My name is Jennifer Mae and this is my kitty Coalface. Caitlyn and I were built together and shared a space on the same shelf at the My Twinn factory."
The Twinns shook hands while Waffles and Coalface had a nose to nose encounter.

"I am Amanda, and this is Waffles. Caitlyn will be so pleased to see you. Come inside, let's go drag her out of bed."

Caitlyn was still asleep and Amanda tried shaking her, but she slept on. Waffles stuck her cold nose in Caitlyn's face but all Caitlyn did was dream on.

"Caitlyn! wake up, there is somebody to see you!"
"Goawayjustanother5minutes." Caitlyn muttered in her sleep.
"I can see Cait still has a problem waking up. Let me try." Jennifer said as she climbed onto the bed. She shook Caitlyn until she started to come out of her sleep.

"What's going on? can't a Twinn get any sleep around here?" She opened her eyes and gaped at the intruder in surprise. "Jennifer Mae?" Is it really you?"
"Yes Cait, I have come to visit you. Now get out of bed and lets party!!!"

"I can't believe it! it's been over a year since I saw you. Where have you been and where are you staying now?"
"It's a long story Cait, I was originally bought by Jo in Pennsylvania and then I went to live with Diana. Then I ended up back with Jo again. It's a long story and one day I will tell you all about it. "
"I like the new eyes and hair, its very fetching". Caitlyn said.
The 2 long lost friends hugged each other. "It's been so long my dear friend. I missed you so much when they took you away and shipped you off."
"Those were scarey times Jen, I never knew what was going to happen. I was lucky to find a nice new home here in South Africa and have lots of other friends too."
"The Tumbling Twinns?"

"The very same. We have heaps of fun and get up to all sorts of adventures. Wait, I must introduce you to everybody, let me just get dressed and we can go do the intro's. I suspect the others are all on the balcony having breakfast. Just you wait till you meet Dawn, she is such a hoot. Have you read about our adventures?"
"The Twinns at the Continum have told me all about what goes on here and I have read all of the stories. When Jo got me back she asked if I wanted to come here and I said I would if you guys would have me."
"Ha! the bossman has been busy again I see, he is always sneaking around and springing these surprises on us."
"I also brought along a box of goodies for everybody."
"Wonderful Jen. We have a very limited wardrobe and every little bit helps."
Caitlyn quickly got dressed and then led Jennifer to the balcony where the Twinns were having breakfast 'el fresco'."

"Hi Guys, I would like you to meet Jennifer Mae, a dear friend of mine from the old days. Jenni, meet Brenda, Dawn and Sarah Willow. Amanda and Waffles you already know."

"I am honoured to meet everybody", Jenni said. "I have read and heard so much about you".
The Twinns introduced themselves and invited Jennifer to sit down and have a bite to eat.
"Lovely hair Jenni, it looks familiar." Sarah Willow remarked, always ready to meet another redhead like herself.
"It used to be your old wig Sarah, I thought it was very pretty and decided that redheads have much more fun." Jennifer replied shyly.
"One can never have enough hair Jenni, I have at least 5 wigs laying around somewhere." Dawn added, "If you need a change just holler."
"I have brought a big box of goodies for everybody too. We must just get it moved up the stairs."
"We will take care of it Jen, you sit here and chat and we will move it for you. New goodies are always welcome." Brenda said, "Sarah, Amanda, will you help please?"
The three Twinns went outside and saw the huge box. They shoved and pushed it until they managed to get it up the stairs and into the flat.

Then they put it on the bed and Jennifer opened it up. "There are lots of clothes and stuff, mainly from Jo, but Cleo sent along some pretty clothing too and I know you will love the pretty dress she sent."
Everybody helped unpack the box and piled its contents in a heap on the bed.
Dawn found a book; "Look at this, 'The Little Book of The Twinn. 2005 Edition.' Here are all our friends from the Continum."
"I like this." Caitlyn said, donning the pretty blouse and dress she found.
"Look what Carlisle sent me, " Brenda said, "A Croc shirt and Mutant Radish pants!"

Amanda was rummaging through a packet and found the clothing that Cleo sent. "Oooooooooh, this is nice. Let me go put it on." Amanda dashed over to the cupboard, found some shoes and quickly changed.
Sarah Willow had discovered the scrubs which Meko had sent for when she has to do surgery, "Dawn, I think I will wear these when I fix your neck problem."
"Neck problem? Me? Mois? I? No way do I have a neck problem. Caities don't have neck problems." explained Dawn as she looked through the clothing. "Hey, these wooly slippers are for me... from Wendy. Let me go change quickly, don't go way everybody."

Dawn emerged in her new pj's and slippers. "I'm about ready for bed I think." she said.
"What wonderful new goodies we have now. Thanks for bringing them with you Jennifer. " Caitlyn said.
"It's my pleasure Cait. I am glad to be here and I know we are going to have a heap of fun. "
"I know that I am very grateful to Jo for the stuff she sends us always. Without her we would have had very little clothing." Amanda said.
"I am very grateful for the specs, and the knickers too. One can never have enough of them as far as I am concerned." Dawn added.
But Sarah spoke for everybody. "We are only here today because so many people have so generously sent us clothing and toys and hair goodies. I think we are grateful to each and everyone. Thank you everybody."
The Twinns stood next to each other and waved at everybody.
"Let's go and listen to some Twinn stories, I know Jennifer has a lot to tell us." Caitlyn said.
"Oh goodie," Dawn added, "Caities love a good story."
And so the Twinns went outside and yarned and joked and told stories till late into the day. It was nice to have a new sister to join them, and we know that she will join in the fun with us as we explore the world through the eyes of the Tumbling Twinns

Special thanks to Jo for her kindness in passing Jennifer onwards to me. As well as to Cleo for the wonderful clothing and accessories, and all the Twinns in Pennsylvania and everybody else that has helped grow my collection.

© DR Walker 2005 Revised 15 April 2008