The Biography of Jeanette.

Full Names: Jeanette.
Nicknames: Jean.
Statistics: Ariel variant, brown hair, blue eyes.
Arrived in SA: 24 February 2007
Occupation: Aerial installer.
Pets: Constantinople Crocodile
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, amateur radio, modern dance, watching documentaries.
Clubs and Societies: Member of the UHF Installers Guild.
Previous owners:Jo in PA.
Arrival story: Official duties Member of the Twinn Council of South Africa 2009.

General: The Arrival of Jeanette
Jeanette is the 17th Twinn in the family, and part owner of an aerial installation business. She works part time as an assistant in the foley department of Radio WTWINN, and has been trying to break her way into radio drama. She is very energetic and is always ready to climb a ladder to ensure perfect reception. Jeanette was sold outside of Tumbling Twinns in November 2011.

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