Caitlyn Visits Reefsteamers

Caitlyn enjoys a trip with me to see what I do. She has been to my office twice and is still convinced I dont do anything (which is partially true). One fine Saturday morning she decided to come along to Reefsteamers in Germiston to take a look at the steam engines there. The problem is, when you are 23 inches tall, most things look big, when you are up against a steam engine you are positively dwarfed.

"Hurry up, the train might leave without you and I will be stranded without any lunch!"

"You can sit here Cait, its got a dolly sized window."

"Goodbye, bon voyage..."
"Cait, you aren't going anywhere."
"Oh pooh, that's true too"
"Come along, lets go visit Susan."
"Who is Susan?"

Caitlyn felt positively small next to Susan the steamer engine. "Oooooooooooooooooh, I like Susan. She is supa-dupa."

"It's kinda high up here, I should have brought a parachute."

Then we went to visit Lyndie Lou, the GMAM. She makes everything look small. "oh look, a nice place for a Twinn to stand."

"Lyndie Lou is great, but I feel positively small next to her."
"Cait, I hate to say this but you are only 23 inches tall."
"Yeh yeh, rub it in. One day I will have a spurt of growth and be 23.5 inches!"
"Somehow I dont see that unless you get big shoes. Come along, lets go visit Janine and Elize."

"Can I drive? huh? huh? huh?"
"I don't think so, you have to start at the bottom."
"I am 23 inches from the bottom already."
"Not like that, you have to learn to be a fireman, and then you can think about it. It's a lot of hard work and responsibility."

"Where is the steering wheel? and the gear lever? come to think of it, I cant find the ignition either!"

"Ooh, I dont think I want to be in here when they make the fire."

"This place is cool, but I can't quite see myself working here. For starters I can't even reach the office without a ladder to get onto the ladder."

"Stop, stop, don't run me over!! Runaway train!!!!!!"

Special thanks to Reefsteamersfor the visit, dont forget to visit their website to learn about their trains.

DR Walker, 2011. Created 16 September 2011.