The Biography of Brenda.

Full Names: Brenda.
Professional Names:The Astonishing Brenda, Fortunes Told and Palms Read
Statistics: Emma mold, brown eyes, (short blonde hair 2008) dark brown hair.
Manufactured: Denver.
Arrived in SA:2004
Pets: Carruthers Croc.
Occupation: Part time Psychic, lecturer.
Hobbies and Interests: The Esoteric, camping, computers, playing cards, reptiles, amphibians and saurians.
Clubs and Societies:Order of the Noble Emmas.
Previous owners: Jo in Pennsylvania.
Arrival story: Brenda's Arrival.
Official duties Retired Member of the Twinn Council of South Africa 2005-2008.

Brenda is the 4rd Twinn in the family and comes from a long line of famous Emma's. She has a keen interest in things esoteric and a keen enquiring mind. She enjoys meditation and is a believer in the power of nature and the consequences of messing up the planet. Brenda is also the recipient of an award by the mayor for doing her civic duty.
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