Company HQ:
Memories of National Service in the SADF.
Dedicated to the Officers and Men of Bravo Company,
61 Mechanised Battalion Group, Omuthiya. 1981.

And in memory of all those who fought and died for their country in all wars. Especially
Rfn. L Van Rooyen, Rfn. P Hall, and Cpl. J.L. Potgieter, who lost their lives serving with 61 Mechanised Battalion Group in 1981. As well as Air Mechanic Robert Owen Turner. 1 April 1944. Laid to rest Heliopolis War Cemetary Egypt. And Rfn. F.N.U. Van der Kolf. 1980. Member of E Company, 11 Commando, Jan Kemp Dorp.

Like so many other white males of my age group I was conscripted to serve 2 years in the old South African Defence Force or SADF as it was known back then. I spent 1980 and 1981 doing my "National Service" and came back a very different person to what I was when I went in. When South Africa became a democracy in 1994 the old "enemy" became the new rulers, while the old "rulers" conveniently shunted those of us who had served in the military aside to deal with our ghosts and memories.
I found writing about my experiences very therapeutic, however, time has dimmed many of my memories and so occasionally I got bogged down with dates, names and details, consequently I tried to avoid using those whenever possible. This page slowly evolved over at least 5 years and apart from minor changes now stands as my record of events as they were.
I am currently migrating parts of this website to a blog format and some of the items on this page will be removed permanently. As each is moved I will chnage the link accordingly.

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lest we forget
Lest we forget

Insignia of 61 Mech Bn Gp.

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