The Anglo Boer War Pages: Memorials

There is not a lot left to see from the Boer War; poignant battlefields, lonely graves, museum exhibits, unused blockhouses and naturally lots of cemeteries and monuments. While the politicians and generals patted themselves on the back and congratulated each other and dished out medals; the soldiers went home and the survivors went back to bury their dead and restart their lives. I know that many memories have been lost over the years and much bitterness came out of this war, but the reality of it all is in those graves far from home, to me they are the only tangible remains left to explore.
I was asked why I have almost no pictures of the graves of Boer soldiers and the answer is easy. Unlike the British graves which are reasonably easy to distinguish, those of the Boers are not. Many seem to have been buried where they lived, some may not have a visitable and marked resting place, many stones have been destroyed and the graves are no longer indentifyable, and in some cases I am unable to ascertain whether a grave is that of a Boer combatant or not. I am also hampered by the lack of a suitable casualty list and a lack of co-operation from those who may hold this data. But, I am always open to contributions and information.
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